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The Trane story begins 100 years ago in La Crosse, Wisconsin where James and Reuben Trane ran a family-owned plumbing business. Always looking to make people’s lives better, they developed a low-pressure steam heating system – the pioneering product of a successful line that would revolutionize the way we live and work.

Today, Trane is a global pioneer in climate control, namely temporary cooling and temporary heating systems. With each year we are quickly expanding to other industries as well. We take what we do very seriously and we truly believe that together, we can help build a better world. While other companies think “outside the box”, we’re quite content to operate “inside the box” using the best materials, employing the best people, and utilizing today’s technology to help make people comfortable in their environment. Plain and simple, our systems perform! Perhaps that’s why one in every two commercial buildings has a Trane comfort system at its core.

We are passionate about equipping our residential and corporate clients, with best in both permanent and rental hvac systems. Trane strives be a crucial part of your facility’s Emergency Preparedness Planning, also known as Cooling Contingency Planning (CCP). We believe that James and Reuben would be very proud of where we are today, and we look forward to the future of Trane Global. Help us celebrate by watching our corporate videos below.