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Trane is a business of Ingersoll Rand (NYSE:IR), a world leader in creating and sustaining safe, comfortable and efficient environments in commercial, residential and industrial markets. The links below provide access to Ingersoll Rand investment and company information.

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News-Room2Don’t miss out on the latest news from Trane Mid-America! Our marketing team works hard to showcase our customers positively in the local media. Below is a collection of various news articles and press releases highlighting our customers successes. To read the entire article click on the title to download a PDF.

Trane Collaborates with Metro Technology Centers
November, 2014 – Oklahoma Venture Forum

Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation Hosts Hall of Fame Reception
10/30/2014 – Elkhorn Public Schools

Trane Accelerates in Oklahoma City
10/27/2014 – The Journal Record

Teachers Get Hands on with STEM
October, 2014 – CTE Update Newsletter

MCC Awarded $2.49 Million Federal Grant to Expand IT Career Training
9/20/2014 – Metropolitan Community College

Johnson County Community College Partners with Trane to Offer Air Conditioning Clinic
8/28/2014 – AC Clinic News Release

Trane “Acceleration Now” Tour Coming to Kansas City
8/1/2014 – Kansas City Acceleration Now Tour

Trane stops at Ralston Arena with portable showroom
07/31/2014 – Omaha Acceleration Now Tour

Trane “Acceleration Now” Tour Coming to the Omaha, Neb. Area
7/30/2014 – Omaha Acceleration Now Tour

APPA 2014 Attendees Learn From Trane How Energy Efficiency, Training and Evolving Tech Can Revitalize Educational Facilities

07/18/2014 – APPA 2014 Conference

U.S. Senior Open Championship Gets Help From Trane
07/10/2014 – U.S. Senior Open Championship

Trane Swings Into Action At U.S. Senior Open
07/08/2014 – U.S. Senior Open Championship

Addressing deferred maintenance: Benefits of leveraging HB 2506 and energy performance contracting
6/27/2104- KASB School Board Review

U.S. Senior Open Infrastructure Continue Climb
05/25/2014 – U.S. Senior Open Championship

Washburn Tech Celebrates Inaugural ‘Letter of Intent’ Day
02/20/2014 – Washburn Tech

Washburn Tech Welcomes Students with a Signing Day
02/20/2014 – Washburn Tech

Trane and Washburn Tech Host Open House for the Midwest Training Center
02/17/2014 – Washburn Tech

Washburn Tech Inks New Recruits
01/27/2014 – Washburn Tech

Washburn Energy Upgrade Brings Bonus Learning Opportunity
11/08/2013 – Washburn Tech

Energy Upgrades at Washburn University Ahead of Schedule
08/22/2013 – Washburn University

Washburn Tech Renovations Makes Different Education Paths Attainable
07/26/2013 – Washburn Tech

Trane Swings into Action at U.S. Senior Open, Hosting Local Omaha-Area Students for Junior Day, July 10
07/08/2013 – Omaha Trane

Trane Celebrates 100-Year Legacy in Oklahoma City
05/13/2013 – Trane Oklahoma City

Trane Opens New Parts Center in Lenexa
04/24/2013 – Trane Parts

Smart and Sustainable College Campuses Conference
04/15/2013 – Oklahoma City Community College

New Training Center at Washburn Tech Called Model for State
03/12/2013 – Washburn Tech

Newscast: Washburn Tech Opens New Training Center
03/12/2013 – Washburn Tech

Newscast: Washburn Tech Cuts Ribbon on Training Center
03/12/2013 – Washburn Tech

Washburn Tech Celebrates New Center
03/12/2013 – Washburn Tech

Washurn Tech to Open Nation’s Premier Facility for Climate and Energy Control Education
03/10/2013 – Washburn Tech

Washburn Tech Announces Grand Opening of Midwest Training Center in Topeka
03/07/2013 – Washburn Tech

Washburn Tech to Cut Ribbon on New Training Center
03/07/2013 – Washburn Tech

Washburn University to Receive Campus Upgrades
02/14/2013 – Washburn University

Today’s Facility Manager Names J.B. Messer Facility Executive of the Year
02/07/2013 – Oklahoma City Community College

Midwest Training Center to Open in January
December, 2012 – Washburn Tech

State officials visit Lenexa for Kansas Skills Tour
12/13/2012 – Kansas Department of Commerce

Ingersoll Rand Foundation donates $10,000 to Washburn Tech
October, 2012 – Washburn Tech

Trane Supports Gov. Brownback in Encouraging State’s High School Students
August 2012 – Washburn Tech

APPA Annual Conference Attendees Learn about Cutting-Edge, Energy Saving Solutions from Trane
07/16/2012 – Oklahoma City Community College

Turner School District Brings Learning to Life
04/30/2012 – Turner USD 202

Infrastructure Upgrades to Save Nearly $154,000 Annually
03/15/2012 – Rock Creek USD 323

Rock Creek Wins Energy-Efficiency Award
03/12/2012 – Rock Creek USD 323

Rock Creek Unified School District 323 Leaders Expect Infrastructure Upgrades to Save Nearly $154,000 Annually
03/12/2012 – Rock Creek USD 323

Energy Efficiency Upgrades Project Nearing Completion
02/2012 – Turner USD 202

State Fair Community College to ‘Go Green’
11/10/2011 – State Fair Community College

Newscast – Spending Money to Make Money
Fall 2011 – Turner USD 202

Turner Schools to Go Green
08/15/2011 – Turner USD 202

Halstead-Bentley Schools Going Green this Summer
07/29/2011 – Halstead-Bentley USD 440

Palco USD 269 to Go Green
07/01/2011 – Palco USD 269

Trane Award Recognizes District for Saving $90,000s in Operations, Maintenance
05/12/2011Oxford USD 358

Newscast: Oxford Schools Win Award
05/05/2011 – Oxford USD 358

Oxford Schools Win Energy Award
05/05/2011Oxford USD 358

Energized Solutions
05/01/2011SE of Saline USD 306

Energy-Efficiency Work Under Way at Schools
04/21/2011Marysville & Valley Heights

School & College Building Expo Attendees to Learn About Student-Inspired High Performance Building Upgrades
04/13/2011 – SE of Saline USD 306

The Benefits of Retrofits
April, 2011 – University of Central Missouri

Schulte Grocery Store Receives Money for Going Green
02/14/2011Schulte’s IGA – Hussmann

Schulte’s IGA Receives Energy Efficiency Rebate
02/10/2011Schulte’s IGA – Hussmann

UCM Completes Energy Saving Improvements to Resolve Deferred Maintenance Issues
02/02/2011University of Central Missouri

Good Samaritan Hospital Scores Energy Star Rating
01/29/2011Good Samaritan Hospital

Kansas School District Utilizes FCIP To Make Energy-Efficiency Upgrades
01/14/2011Valley Heights USD 498

SES Earns Energy Award
10/27/2010 – SE of Saline USD 306

Newscast: Energy Saving Students Earn Award
10/26/2010 – SE of Saline USD 306

Students Inspire High Performance Buildings, Taking Extra Credit Work to New Levels
10/26/2010 – SE of Saline USD 306

Southeast of Saline Recognized for Energy Efficiency
10/25/2010SE of Saline USD 306

Clinton Climate Initiative Highlights UCM ESCO Project
10/15/2010University of Central Missouri

Southeast of Saline Receives Governor’s Award
10/12/2010 – SE of Saline USD 306

Southeast Students to Receive Award
10/09/2010SE of Saline USD 306

Rock Creek Schools to ‘Go Green’
10/07/2010 – Rock Creek USD 358

UCM Trane Case Study
10/01/2010 – University of Central Missouri

Advocates for Green Schools
09/28/2010 – Sara Holmes, Education Facilities Consultant with TRANE

Rock Creek Looking to be ‘Greener’
09/15/2010 – Rock Creek USD 358

Tonganoxie USD 464 Trane Case Study
09/01/2010 Tonganoxie USD 464

Lee’s Summit R-7 School District Continuing Energy-Savings Efforts
07/12/2010 – Lee’s Summit

College and University Business Leaders Learn to Go Green While Addressing Deferred Maintenance at NACUBO Annual Meeting
07/01/2010 – University of Central Missouri

Rock Creek Could ‘Go Green’
06/16/2010 – Rock Creek USD 358

Integrating Energy Efficiency Upgrades: 2010 School/College Building Expo Attendees to Learn About Combining Improvements with Hands-On Curriculum, Campus Expansion
05/10/2010Tonganoxie and Oklahoma City Community College

UCM Earth Week Celebration Reinforced Sustainability Commitment
05/07/2010University of Central Missouri

Energy Efficiency Upgrades Resolve Deferred Maintenance Challenges
05/01/2010 – University of Central Missouri

Earth Week is Big Celebration at UCM
04/27/2010University of Central Missouri

Ed Begley Jr. Speaks at UCM’s Earth Week 2010 Celebration
04/23/2010University of Central Missouri

UCM Participates in International Celebration of Earth Day
04/22/2010University of Central Missouri

Adventurer Jeff Corwin Joins UCMs Earth Week Celebration
04/10/2010 – University of Central Missouri

Competition Showcases Student Creativity
04/06/2010Destination ImagiNation

Student Skit Wins State Fine Arts Contest
04/04/2010Destination ImagiNation

SE of Saline Students Become Teachers, Use Their School Building as a Living Classroom
04/01/2010SE of Saline USD 306

Trane to Sponsor Destination ImagiNation of Kansas
03/30/2010Destination ImagiNation

District Recognized for Energy Strides
03/17/2010Tonganoxie USD 464

Newscast: Tonganoxie Receives Leader in Energy Efficiency Award
03/10/2010Tonganoxie USD 464

Green Scholars
02/26/2010Green Schools Summit

Commission Hears Proposal to Get Free Money
02/24/2010Manhattan, KS

Kansas Schools Learn to Redefine Success in a Difficult Economy
02/23/2010Green Schools Summit

Heating From the Ground Up
02/20/2010University of Central Missouri

UCM and Trane Bring Sustainability Expert Robert Kobet to Warrensburg February 23
02/15/2010University of Central Missouri

Interior Courthouse Renovation Could be Less Costly
12/23/2009Linn County

Osage County Courthouse Newscast on KTKA Channel 49
12/14/2009 – Osage County

High Efficiency Upgrades Preserve Historic Courthouse for Future Generations
12/08/2009Osage County

USD 464 Awarded for Efficiency
10/21/2009Tonganoxie USD 464

Missouri Wins the First Annual Golf Challenge Against Nebraska

New School Ready for Students
10/13/2009Nemaha Valley

Parkinson Presents Governor’s Energy Achievement Awards
10/07/2009Tonganoxie USD 464

School District Receives Statewide Energy Award
10/07/2009Tonganoxie USD 464

Newscast: Governor’s Energy Awards
10/06/2009 – Tonganoxie USD 464

Efficient Teachers
09/18/2009SE of Saline USD 306

Newscast: Live at Tonganoxie
09/09/2009 – Tonganoxie USD 464

University of Central Missouri Undertakes Radical Energy-Efficiency Improvements
Fall 2009University of Central Missouri

ESCO Up, Running
08/17/2009University of Central Missouri

Campus Administrator Talks about Making ESCO’s Work
08/10/2009University of Central Missouri

Central Missouri Sees the Light, and it’s Green to Go
Summer 2009University of Central Missouri

BOE Goes with Trane, QZAB
07/16/2009 – Plainville

Oklahoma City Community College Combines Campus Expansion with Energy Saving Improvements
07/14/2009 – Oklahoma City Community College

Newscast: Improvements at Southeast of Saline USD 306
07/2009SE of Saline USD 306

Tonganoxie Sixth-Graders Encourage Gov. Mark Parkinson and State Policy Makers to Help Schools Become More Energy Efficient
05/27/2009 – Tonganoxie USD 464

School Going Green
05/21/2009SE of Saline USD 306

UCM Begins Drilling for Geothermal Energy System
05/21/2009University of Central Missouri

Energy Savings Project Recognized as Largest in the Nation
05/08/2009University of Central Missouri

Newscast: Upgrades at Tonganoxie USD 464
05/2009Tonganoxie USD 464

University of Central Missouri ESCO Signing Ceremony Video
05/2009University of Central Missouri

TMS Students Learn Efficiency with Trane
04/29/2009Tonganoxie USD 464

UCM Marks Beginning of Energy Savings Project with Signing Ceremony
04/29/2009 – University of Central Missouri

University of Central Missouri Plans $36M ‘Green’ Upgrade
04/28/2009University of Central Missouri

Trane to Receive $36.1 Million Energy Performance Contract from UCM to Upgrade Campus Buildings
04/27/2009University of Central Missouri

Drivers Education is Back

Tonganoxie Education Leaders Earn A+ for Bringing Energy Efficiency to the Classroom
04/13/2009Tonganoxie USD 464

Improvements Discussed

Newscast: Tonganoxie educators looking for ways to save money
02/14/2009 – Tonganoxie

$1 Million Courthouse Overhaul Underway
07/03/2008 – Osage County

Commissioners Approve $1 Million Project
06/03/2008Osage County

Courthouse Selects Energy Contractor
03/2008Osage County