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Commercial-RE_HeaderMaking Buildings Better For Life….Trane’s mission of Making Buildings Better for Life applies to all buildings, large or small, in all industries. Whether it’s an office building, a shopping mall, a restaurant, a data center, a manufacturing plant or a department store, Trane has a solution that will keep your occupants comfortable, and will enhance the life you’re your building.

Office BuildingsGlass Building RelectionIndoor air quality is a major concern to businesses because it can improve the health, comfort, well being and productivity of building occupants. In addition to improving air quality, Trane has solutions that will help improve energy efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and improve the overall working environment for employees so that you can concentrate on your business.

RetailCommercial-RE_RetailKeeping shoppers happy requires a sophisticated and versatile comfort system. Temperatures suitable in the outdoor coat department may differ substantially from those in lingerie. At Trane, we create HVAC systems that make sense for your store and your budget. Click here to view a short video about Westfield Culver City shopping mall, and how Trane helped this facility reduce operational costs and provide a comfortable shopping environment for its customers.

RestaurantsCommercial-RE_RestaurantCustomer and staff loyalty can depend on how well cooking exhaust, fumes, odors and humidity are managed. Climate control systems that are inadequate or out of balance are the underlying cause of many complaints. Trane has innovative solutions designed specifically for challenging restaurant environments.

Data CentersCommercial-RE_Data-CentersOperators of mission-critical data centers are being challenged to control energy and operating costs, create bullet-proof security and strive for extremely high levels of uptime performance. Meanwhile, organizations continue to have an almost insatiable appetite for computing capacity. Recognizing their ability to help customers save energy and reduce operating costs, GE and Trane have combined their technical and domain expertise to provide a new solution called Tracer XT to improve operational performance in data centers and other industrial settings.

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Click here to explore career options with Trane.