Rental Services

Rental Services for Heating and Cooling Solutions

Trane’s Rental Services division can help you when you are in the process of planning equipment retrofits, renovations, or replacements at your facility. By adding temporary additional capacity, Trane’s rentals can help you during your emergency HVAC situations such as natural disasters, planned downtime for maintenance needs, or special events. We are available 24/7 for all your heating or cooling rental needs.

If you are in need of temporary HVAC, power, and compressed air solutions, Trane has your emergency heating and air needs covered.


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Cooling Solutions

Air-Cooled Chillers 10 – 500 ton
Water-Cooled Chillers 250 – 1,000 ton
Package A/C & Vertical Tent Units 10 – 50 ton
Air Handlers 5,000 – 30,000 cfm
Cooling Towers 225 – 1,000 ton
Heat Exchangers 125 – 500 ton

Heating & Dehumidification Solutions

Electric Heaters 20-150 KW
Indirect Fired Heaters 150,000 BTU
Desiccant Dehumidifier 2,500 cfm

Heating & Dehumidification Solutions

Pumps 3 – 125 hp
Electrical Cable

Power Generator Solutions

Diesel Generators 36 – 1,500 KW
Transformers and I-Line Panels
Power Distribution

Heating & Dehumidification Solutions

Oil-Free Compressed Air 800 – 1,500 cfm
Oil-Free Dryers 800 – 1,500 cfm

If you have an emergency, if you need additional service to supplement your current heating and cooling output, if you are bringing your current equipment down for maintenance, or if you are planning a special one-time event, call 1-800-755-5115 and let Trane take care of all of your temporary power, heating, and cooling needs.

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