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Case Study


In 2010, the Wolf Creek Nuclear Power Plant was trying to engineer a solution to provide cooling for a small portion of a cooling water system for potentially radioactive components. Due to the nature of the design and the need for an immediate solution, purchasing a new system and/or redesigning the existing system was out of the question. After consulting with other plants in surrounding states, Wolf Creek Engineers began exploring Rental options to take care of their immediate needs. “We selected Trane for their solution. They allowed us to provide cooling to our equipment so that we could continue normal daily operations without challenging the safety of our systems”

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Emergency Management, Are You Prepared?

An organization can not predict the nature of a future emergency or the date of its arrival. The impact of a natural disaster or an equipment failure can be catastrophic if it interferes with normal operations, especially in an environment such as healthcare or data center management. Planning ahead can help facility managers prepare for uninterrupted service when permanent systems are unavailable or lack capacity.

Rental Service Plan


Rental services experts can help you create a plan that meets your needs in preparing for a transition or for unexpected rental needs in the face of heavy loads, extreme temperatures or disaster recovery. Part of this planning includes:

  • Evaluate whether any facility modifications will be required to prepare facilities and systems for temporary heating or cooling.
  • Prepare temporary solutions that can provide uninterrupted heating and cooling during maintenance periods.
  • Identify rental systems that will provide temporary supplements to existing HVAC systems when faced with heavy load conditions or extreme temperatures.

Rental Chillers and HVAC Equipment


Trane Rental Services has an impressive array of heating, cooling, power generation and compressed air equipment.

  • Air-Cooled Water Chillers (10-500 tons): Equipped to provide quick restoration of cooling in emergency and planned shutdown situations.
  • Water-Cooled Water Chillers (250-1,200 tons): Ideal for large process and comfort cooling applications where adequate power is a concern.
  • Cooling Towers (250-750 tons): Used to provide cooling for water-cooled chillers or directly for some process cooling applications.
  • Air Handling Units (5,000-25,000): Perfect for providing air conditioning to very large spaces where high efficiency filtering is required.
  • Packaged Air Conditioning Units with Electric Heat (10-50 tons): Restore cooling in an emergency or provide cooling for previously unconditioned spaces.
  • Diesel Generators (60-2,000kW): Well-suited for applications that need standby generators when conducting service on existing equipment.
  • Vertical Air Conditioning Tent Units (10-30 ton): Designed to cool and heat structures where footprint and noise output are a concern.
  • Air Compressors (10-1,500 cfm): Easy to install, ensuring your facility’s compressed air system has minimum downtime after an emergency.
  • Compressed Air Dryers: Help protect compressed air users from water impurities, while improving productivity and system efficiency.
  • Portable Units (1-5 ton): Great for areas such as server rooms, laboratories and small office spaces.

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“Trane was very responsive and professional. Maneuvering an 800 horsepower motor through the store and installing a temporary chiller without disruption to sales or efficiency… logistically, it wasn’t an easy job. Working together, we completed the project on time and on budget.”

– Saks Fifth Avenue.

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