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While there are many accepted definitions of high performance buildings, Trane sees them as buildings that contribute measurable, year-over-year benefits for building owners based on:

  • The building purpose
  • Business metrics (set by the owner)
  • The responsible use of resources including energy, water, air and human capital consistent with, or exceeding, industry standards and certifications

High performance buildings support mission-critical objectives

Sustainable design principles guide new construction, while operational protocols and maintenance best practices ensure that buildings perform optimally over time. No matter what their age, high performance buildings use energy and water resources efficiently, while creating a positive occupant experience.

The Trane approach to creating a high performance building outcome considers the whole building. It starts with a detailed consultation and assessment to address the many integrated factors that contribute to organizational success and develops and implements a comprehensive plan that helps customers realize their business missions.

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Students perform best in high performance schools where the physical learning environment is comfortable, quiet, well-ventilated and well-lit. Children demonstrate this fact in classrooms every day. Teachers confirm it. And it is proven by research time and time again.

Effective learning environments are, in part, the result of high performance school design followed by proper maintenance and regular upgrades throughout the life of the building. Best practices in school design and maintenance can produce a number of positive outcomes:

  • Higher test scores
  • Increased average daily attendance
  • Lower operational costs
  • Improved teacher satisfaction and retention

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High Performance Hospitals

Is your physical environment positively contributing to patient outcomes and clinical quality?

At Trane, we have over 50 years of experience helping healthcare customers around the world enhance indoor environments, improve patient outcomes and staff satisfaction, and achieve better financial and operational performance through improved indoor air quality (IAQ), humidity and moisture control, acoustics, and energy efficiency.

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Reliability is critical to data centers, and failure in this regard is not an option. The cost of downtime, especially for centers involved in e-commerce, which have tenants, or otherwise rely on their data centers for revenue—can often mean millions of dollars lost.

Trane helps meet the challenges all data centers face:

  • Uptime
  • Energy efficiency
  • Rapidly evolving design strategies
  • Managing the center data for high performance

Achieving 100 percent uptime, energy efficiency (low PUE), and generally keeping up in a fast-paced and changing environment is a challenge to say the least. Trane provides well-engineered products, broad and flexible solutions, expert application knowledge, technical support and service, and controls that optimize energy efficiency and reliability.

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