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We have a wealth of in-depth information on numerous topics from basic HVAC design and operation to detailed technical papers on High Performance Building Issues.

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Our Commitment

Trane recognizes the need for a technically strong work force and serves as an exclusive industry sponsor of the National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3). NC3 provides a network of education providers and corporations that supports, advances, and validates new and emerging technology skills to the transportation, aviation and energy industry sectors.


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Trane is a world leader in repair, replacement, and maintenance services for all brands and types of HVAC units. When you choose Trane Technicians, you can be confident you are receiving dependable service from highly trained industry experts. To speak to your local commercial Trane office to learn more about your service options, click on the Our Locations box to the right, or call the Toll Free number in your area today!

Elite Start ServicesService_Elite-Start

Trane Elite Start suite of services ensures that your new equipment is properly installed while setting the foundation for efficiency and performance far into its life-cycle. These services include:

Operate and Maintain Services


Trane Building Services can help improve your profitability by ensuring that your building is working as hard at your business as you are. We provide comprehensive services for maintaining and operating facilities, improving reliability, and monitoring critical building functions such as temperature, air quality, electricity, lighting and plumbing. These services include:

Upgrade and Improve ServicesService_Upgrade-Services

Trane Building Services provides a range of offerings that will upgrade and improve your infrastructure. We can help you replace or upgrade equipment, or simply keep your systems running at maximum efficiency to minimize service calls, eliminate surprises and control your total cost of operation. Trane can even show you how to finance today’s improvements with the funds you’ll save on energy costs in the future. These services include:

Trane Intelligent Services (TIS)


Trane Intelligent Services positively impacts productivity, sustainability, occupant comfort, safety, risk management, cost avoidance and the ability to do more with less. The overall outcome is improved energy efficiency, higher productivity and reduced costs. With TIS, building controls send around-the-clock data to the TIS Center. Our exclusive software analytics and technical specialists filter imperative information. They send alert notifications the moment they detect the need in order to prevent downtime, discomfort, and inefficient operations. Click here to learn more about TIS and how it can help you optimize your building performance.

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