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Trane Intelligent Services positively impacts productivity, sustainability, occupant comfort, safety, risk management, cost avoidance and the ability to do more with less. The overall outcome is improved energy efficiency, higher productivity and reduced costs. With TIS, building controls send around-the-clock data to the TIS Center. Our exclusive software analytics and technical specialists filter imperative information. They send alert notifications the moment they detect the need in order to prevent downtime, discomfort, and inefficient operations. Play video below about TIS and how it can help you optimize your building performance.

Trane Intelligent Services consists of Alarm Notification, Active Monitoring and Building Performance. These services complement each other and work together to enable high performance buildings. The chart below shows a graphic of how the three pieces work together:


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Alarm Notification


Alarm Notification is included with all Trane Service Agreements and provides constant monitoring of HVAC and critical building system performance. If a system should fail, a building owner is alerted in real-time and, armed with the information provided, is able to make decisions that get the building systems operating faster. Alarm notification features customer-defined data-collection points, 24/7/365 automated alarm and event monitoring, automated notification via email, text or pager, and archiving of critical alarm data.

Active Monitoring


Active monitoring (facility monitoring) provides all the benefits of Alarm Notification plus alarm management, timely diagnosis and intelligent mobilization of local resources. Features include:

  • Timely detection of critical alarms. Faster detection means faster fixes.
  • Trane resolves 40% of critical alarms within 30 minutes or less.
  • Intelligent mobilization of local resources. Equipped with both a probable diagnosis and recommended action conveyed by our Technical Specialists, local Trane technicians can quickly resolve your problem onsite. Our high first-time fix rate gets you going faster saving you time and money.
  • Documentation and periodic reporting of critical alarm data delivered to you by your local office.

Building Performance Package


The Building Performance Package includes Active Monitoring features and provides continuous, system-wide analysis and actionable, outcome-oriented recommendations. It helps to detect “hidden” HVAC system problems and developing deficiencies. The package also provides energy cost avoidances and helps prevent equipment downtime that can lead to other business losses (in quality, productivity, etc.) that may be linked to poor HVAC system performance. The Building Performance Package also gives improvement recommendations provided by Trane technicians. This professional insight helps you leverage your building to accomplish specific business objectives

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